Heal yourself using the infinite power of your subconscious

There are among us two types of people: those that are full of life, trust and hope who know they were born to succeed, and others who are full of doubt, fear, prejudices and superstitions. the question is: what makes the difference?

There is a great secret of having success in life that until recently has been reserved to the chosen few. What do you think this secret is? It is our own subconscious. It is that miraculous creative power within ourselves that awaits to be used so that we are always happy and fulfilled. By learning how to use it, this force of the subconscious will soon become a help, a friend we can always count on. Here we will find the solution to all our problems we have and have ever had.

Even if we are aware or not, the law of action and reaction manifests itself in this universe. Everything that happens to us, the events and situations are reactions of our subconscious to the thoughts we persistently cultivate in our mind. If in the past we maintained positive thoughts, we will encounter happy situations in our life now and we will welcome difficult situations with optimism and the belief that everything that happens is for a reason in the transformation of our being.

We should firmly eliminate all our superstitions, false ideas, stop being receptive to all the wrong ideas and often times unjustified fears of the people around us.

We attract in our lives not what we want, but what we are

How can we reprogram our subconscious, if it is so powerful, in order to bring us beneficial transformations in life?

First we have to estimate with courage how healthy are our physical body, our thoughts and our emotions, and where do we place hope and belief in our lives.

The next step is to bravely return to the moment when we chose (because of ignorance) to think negatively, to judge, to ignore a certain being or situation in our life. When we understand and begin to heal our life, the present moment will be brighter and we will be able to look around with hope. Then we will understand the true meaning of words.

The reprogramming of our subconscious has to be done daily with perseverance by planting beneficial and uplifting ideas in it. Repeating positive statements has the power to elevate our level of vibration and create imprints that remain in our subconscious mind. If we accepted to think in a wrong way part of our lives, we cannot have exaggerated expectations to heal in a record time. The process is elaborated and supposes the elimination of old neuronal paths and the creation of new connections in the brain.

Positive affirmations you can use:

„I love and accept myself just as I am.”

„I am loved and supported by the universe.”

„I love and respect myself.”

„I am full of peace and harmony.”

„I attract good things in my life.”

„My positive thoughts create positive things.”

How can we program our subconscious?

At the base of all our actions is suggestion. Put a lot of positive thoughts, beneficial suggestions in your subconscious and they will start working faithfully like a servant which through his work assures his master’s prosperity.

For example: if you want to have firmer breasts, massage them from the exterior to the interior visualizing them as you want them to be, experiencing with anticipation the joy of the success based on a firm belief of a complete achievement. Simultaneously send to your subconscious the following affirmation:”My breasts are bigger and bigger, healthier, more erect and forever young.”

Perseverance is extremely important because the process is cumulative and that is why we have to work as often as possible with the suggestion we chose.